Renovation and repair of roofs are major works for a house

. The contractor who takes charge must therefore not allow himself to make a single error in order to guarantee the durability of his work, but also the safety of his customers.

At Prestige LV, your renovation contractor in Montreal, we are pleased to invest our time to share this information with you.

Why choose good materials and a good contractor?

Whether for renovation, repair or new construction, the roof is a structure designed to have a lifespan of at least 20 years. To achieve this end, the right choice of first quality materials plays a key role in the entire structure. This will thus guarantee its robustness.

The choice of good materials for the renovation or repair of the roof also makes it possible to:

  • Guarantee the safety of the occupants of the house. Indeed, the roof truss is an inseparable element to the roof. It must be strong to support the weight of the blanket, but also other transient masses such as a significant accumulation of snow during the winter.

Roofing materials

Nowadays, there are many choices of materials for the roof covering. Choosing the right materials for your roof, but also a good contractor for the work, also allows you to have a beautiful aesthetic, especially if it is a habitable structure. Note for example:

  • The terracotta tile
  • Slate
  • Wood shingles

However, the choice will depend on the climatic characteristics of the construction region.

In order to increase the chances of having a roof that lasts several years, the good contractor will certainly think of installing an insulating membrane in the lower part of the structure. Choosing ecological insulation is the best way to stay healthy. But above all, it offers a great opportunity to preserve nature, because its manufacture does not cause any harmful consequences for the environment. Also, it’s a way to save energy budgets.

  • Take the example of cellulose insulation, which is a cellulose down made from recycled newsprint. This insulation membrane, which is as comfortable in winter as in summer, has all the advantages of ecological insulation.

Except for the fact that the roof protects the occupants of a building, whether it is a residential house or a commercial building, it also protects the rest of the entire structure.

Finally, before accepting any offer for repair of the roof, you must take a look at the choice of materials offered in the quote. Call us for expert advice.

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Prestige LV offers you: How to choose a good contractor for landscaping?
Prestige LV offers you: How to choose a good contractor for landscaping?
When it comes to earthwork and landscaping, it’s not just the visual aspect that counts. The design must be sustainable. It must also ensure a good flow of rainwater in order to preserve the decorative elements put in place and avoid water infiltration inside the building. The experience of a good contractor ensures optimal visual appearance and a long service life.

Landscaping work
Due to the scope of the work to be done, it is necessary to call on recognized experts in order to have materials in accordance with standards and a guarantee of the work undertaken. The value of the property will then be increased as well as the quality of life during outdoor activities. A landscape contractor must be able to show you his previous projects in concrete terms, or show you photos of current projects. You can ask him for a portfolio of past work which will allow you to make an informed decision about the choice of your contractor.

A complete team
This landscaping contractor must be able to design your entire project. Your landscaping contractor must be creative and brimming with good ideas in order to transform your landscaping into a little corner of paradise. Thanks to its professional designers, the plan of your landscaping proposed by Prestige LV will meet your expectations. With neat lines and adapted to your building, the appearance of your landscaping and your earthworks will catch the eye of your visitors.

Qualified professionals
Recognized earthwork experts such as